OFilm to Deploy Uhnder 4D Digital Radar in 2023 to Advance Automotive
Safety in China

AUSTIN, Texas, September 27, 2022 -- Uhnder, the leader in digital imaging radar technology for the automotive industry, today announced that OFilm Group, a leading provider of intelligent driving solutions, has selected Uhnder’s Digital Code Modulation (DCM) technology to achieve best-in-class ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) to advance automotive safety in China. OFilm will launch a digital radar that delivers superior perception compared to today’s analog radar, especially at night or when visibility is impaired due to rain, fog, dust, or sun glare.

Uhnder and OFilm

Based on Uhnder’s Digital Code Modulation technology, OFilm will launch a 4D digital imaging radar that will achieve better range and angular resolution with higher contrast and mitigate interference of adjacent radars.

“Uhnder’s digital imaging radar is the most powerful solution for resolving the limitations of legacy radar sensors,” said Longbing Zhang, vice president of advanced technology, OFilm Automotive. “Today’s radar sensors are analog-based and suffer performance restrictions, such as low resolution and interference between adjacent radars. OFilm can use Uhnder’s technology to solve these problems and create systems that will improve automotive safety for everyone.”

Superior Performance for ADAS

Based on Uhnder’s DCM technology, OFilm will launch a 12TX, 16RX 4D digital imaging millimeter wave radar that will achieve better range and angular resolution with higher contrast and interference mitigation of proximate radars. The product will sense more complex road environments, including identification of smaller objects, partially obscured objects, as well as detect stationary and lateral moving objects.

“To achieve safety, the automotive industry needs higher performing sensors that can operate consistently in all ambient conditions,” said Max Liberman, vice president of chips, Uhnder. “OFilm’s experience in automotive sensors, combined with Uhnder’s digital code modulation radar, will enable design teams to deliver next-generation ADAS systems, ultimately resulting in fewer vehicle-caused injuries and fatalities.” 

Uhnder 4D Digital Imaging Radar

In March 2022, Uhnder announced the industry’s first automotive 4D digital imaging radar-on-chip that delivers 16 times better resolution, 24 times more power on target, and 30 times better contrast than today’s analog offerings, providing superior accuracy to sense moving or standing objects, large or small, at both short and long distances. Uhnder’s digital radar can clearly identify a pedestrian crossing the road, a child entering the street from beside a parked car, or a bicyclist next to a guard rail at levels of accuracy that legacy analog radar systems cannot achieve, providing better road safety for all users – drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians. 

About OFilm Group

Established in 2002, OFilm is a leader in camera modules, optical lenses, microelectronics, and smart car-related products used in smartphones, smart cars, and VR/AR systems. OFilm also leverages its technologies for automotive radar, lidar, and heads-up displays for intelligent driving systems, including ADAS, body electronics, and infotainment.

About Uhnder 

Uhnder is the leader in digital imaging radar technology for automotive and next-generation mobility applications. Based on Digital Code Modulation (DCM), Uhnder’s fully software-defined radar-on-chip and sensor modules enable highest-resolution digital perception for ADAS, AV, and logistics automation systems. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Uhnder is the only supplier of digital imaging radar chips and modules.